waving-tree-vineyardWe are excited to be able to offer you a delicious Nebbiolo Rosé from Waving Tree Vineyards, WA. Rose juice is produced by pressing the red grapes and letting the juice pick up color from being in contact with the skins for a few hours. The grape skins are then removed, and the juice is left with a beautiful hue and summer fruit profiles like raspberry, strawberry and peach. We are very pleased with the characteristics that the raw juice is showing.

Rosé is an extremely popular choice of wine in Europe and sales have grown quickly in North America ( 41% last year while white and red sales grew by only 1%). It is versatile, stunning in a glass, and can be produced as a sparkling wine as well. It may possibly be the ultimate pairing for turkey and cranberry sauce.

Only 100 cases are available so please let us know soon if you are interested. The bottling event is be slated for early December. You could use your Rosé for Christmas gifts, but if I were you, I would be a Grinch and put it in your own cave high on a mountain.

Fresh pressed Pinot Gris and Nebbiolo Rosé on offer at the Wine Works.

Our 1000 liters wine tanks only produce 100 cases, space is limited. Join our our Vineyard to Table Wine Program and learn about and participate in winery style wine making from start to finish. Release your inner winemaker, become a part of this!

Wind Walker Vineyard, Pinot Gris

The fabulous response to the first Pinot Gris tank The timing of harvest meant an immediate road trip to White Salmon, WA just outside of Portland, OR to pick up 1000 liters of fresh pressed Pinot Gris. The grapes were grown at an altitude of 1300 ft on a plateau overlooking the White Salmon River, in an area known as the Columbia Gorge AVA (American Viticultural Area). Grapes grown in this AVA are typically warm climate varietals. Growers rely on drip irrigation to regulate vine growth in this warm, arid and gusty region. Soils are varied, most are heavily depleted volcanic or more recent sedimentary deposits. Due to the unique climate and geography found in the Gorge, this AVA exhibits a wide range of terroir in a relatively small region; it is marketed as a “world of wine in 40 miles”. Our hugely successful, first tank of Pinot Gris originated from a vineyard a few miles east of Wind Walker. We are looking forward to producing another Pinot Gris as flavourful and as lively as our first run. Space is limited to 100 cases. Please call us to reserve your position.