Hand Picked Organic Gewurztraminer BC’s Naramata Bench

Hand Picked Organic Gewurztraminer – It is Happening Right Now

20160914_080702Blair, Nathan and our friend Dave, are hard at work at Kozier Organic Vineyard picking by hand 4000 pounds of Organic Gewurztraminer for our next tank run. We are taking Do It Yourself wine making to a whole new level at the Wine Works. Once the grapes are picked, the boys are taking the grapes next door to Three Sisters Winery for crushing, de-stemming and pressing. They will be hightailing it back to Nanaimo with their cargo. Three Sisters has harvested and produced wines from Kozier vineyards. A quick search of their organic wine prices online will give you an idea of the going price in BC. We are so pleased to be able to finally say ‘YES, we have that’  to our customers who are looking for organic wines.

Because you will be actively participating in the production and packaging of this wine, your wine will not be taxed to the same extent as commercial products. We will be getting this wine underway shortly. Drop in and give the juice a try if you are interested, it will be chilling out in our stainless steel, temperature controlled fermentation tank for a few days still. Join the tank launch party where you’ll learn about yeast and how to initiate a healthy fermentation. Drop in and check on your wine’s progress throughout the following months. When we are nearing completion, we need your input to help us with the final stages of this fine wine. Bottling parties are lots of fun, you’ll get to jump in on the assembly line and work with true winery equipment to fill and package your wine. A very social time is had by all.

We anticipate this wine will be priced at $12 per bottle. We are only producing 100 cases and they are selling really, really fast. If you want in, please contact us as soon as possible.

Below are a few shots of the harvest at Kozier Organic Vineyard. It was the first time out in the vineyards for Nathan and Dave and they had a pretty great time. The grapes have to be picked very gently and it is finicky and sticky work. As the totes were filled, Blair would drive them over to the press pad. The grapes were then loaded into the hopper and fed into the crusher and de-stemmer. From there, the crushed grapes are pumped over to the press. After pressing, the juice gets pumped over to our waiting transport vessel. When the tote was full to rim, the boys, rather tired by this point, headed for the ferry.

If you are in the vicinity of the Wine Works, Thursday, Sept 15th, we will be pumping over into the tank. Drop in and see what’s going on! This is a rare opportunity to see real wine making from start to finish. A true before and after experience, join us at the Wine Works in Nanaimo and release your inner wine maker!


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