Tank Release Party, Let the Wine Flow Friday, May 6th 2016, 3pm to 7pm

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When visiting the store, many of you have asked “what is going on in those tanks”. Blair and I would like to invite you to our tank bottling party, you can see first hand what our tank program is all about. Feel free to drop in, bring a friend if you want, and join in the fun.

Back in September, we got a call from our grape broker telling us that we could not miss out on this wine making opportunity. Blair hustled down to the Washington/Oregon border with his truck and trailer. Wind Walker Vineyard lies on a bench high above the Hood River directly in line with Mount Hood Volcano. As he arrived, the vineyard workers were just getting started on our Pinot Gris. First comes crushing and destemming, the grapes were moved through a large auger like machine which separated the grapes from their stems and leaf matter. Two tonnes of Pinot Gris grapes were dropped into the press and juiced. The juice was then run though a chiller and pumped over into Blair’s waiting transport vessel. He then high tailed it up the interstate, cleared customs, made the ferry and the wine begins.

After establishing acid and sugar levels, we knew we had an excellent vintage on our hands. We conducted a slow, temperature controlled, fermentation to retain all the flavours and aromatics that were held within. The resulting wine has wonderful mouth feel and a long finish, it is bursting with flavours of ripe pear, citrus and baked apple.

If you would like a sneak preview of this fine wine, please drop in during the week. We would love to hear your comments. We still have a few adjustments to make, but oh, we are so close.

Please set aside time on Friday to join us for bottling, it will be an ‘all hands on deck’ event as we have over 1000 bottles to fill. We will have food, music and, of course, wineglasses, so that you can enjoy a sample of this extraordinary wine. If you are unable to join us on Friday, please contact Fiona to make alternate arrangements. The terms of our Liquor Licence do not permit us to store bottled product on site.

See you Friday May 6th, this is going to give a whole new meaning to TGIF.