Inspired by a Christmas gift basket containing various kinds of flavoured olive oils and balsamic vinegars, Blair and Fiona unveiled a gastronomic aspect to their wine business in November 2014 with The Olive Branch tasting bar. “When salad season came upon us, we brought out that basket and were blown away by the exciting flavours and potential combinations, giving us food for thought,” explains Fiona. “So we started researching and decided to go for it. We built shelves to accommodate the fustis (stainless steel oil and vinegar containers), sourced our suppliers and…voila!”

Although still moving forward with the gradual introduction of new flavours, The Olive Branch has been a success and the perfect complement to Wine Works. “We talk wine and food all day long, so to introduce food under our umbrella was a natural fit,” continues Fiona. “Now we get to recommend wine and food pairings even more than usual, and there are samples available to taste. It’s been extremely well received, but is still picking up steam. Once it all gets rolling in earnest we would like to take the concept to other UVins, kitchen stores and so on, as the concept has a great deal of potential.”

Check out our recipes. We use them in all of our cooking now and try to post often. At $5 for a 100ml bottle and $10 for a 250ml, they make great gifts too!