Vineyard to Table

Oh my goodness, we are full of changes, perhaps you have noticed the shiny stainless steel 1000 litre tank in our front room. We have decided to offer our clients access to winery grade juices. Currently, we have a Pinot Gris very near to completion, from White Salmon Vineyard in Washington State’s Columbia Gorge AVA (Agricultural Viticulture Area). Our objective is to select quality varietal juices from well-established vineyards, that are essential for a well-stocked wine cellar. The great news is that you no longer have to buy 30 bottles at a time, you can buy by the case. Our aim is to keep these wines between $8-10 per bottle.

We encourage you to get involved with the process, to release your inner winemaker. At the start of each new tank wine, you will be invited to an informative “launch” party where you will be a part of the pitching of the yeast. From that point on, you are encouraged to drop in anytime to check on the progress of your wine. We will let you know when interesting lab work is being done so that you can join in for the experience. We want you to be a part of the fascinating process which is fine winemaking.

Warning! 1000 litres sounds like a lot, but it is not. There is only space for about 100 – 120 cases of finished wine. If you are interested, you need to join our program early.

Our next tank is a Rose from Waving Tree Vineyard that can be bottled as a still wine or, if you prefer, it can be sparkled. AND we have a second tank arriving in September which we will be using for our first red wine. We will be starting from scratch with grapes. This is going to get messy!