wedding wines Wine WorksAre you planning a wedding? Congratulations! The Wine Works can help you save a bundle of money on your special day. If you are planning to hold your wedding in a backyard or a community center, you are able to supply your own wine for the event. You may need a Special Occasion License and someone with a Serving It Right License, but we will explain all of that when you visit us at The Wine Works.

We can help you choose the right wines for your wedding, and help you figure out how much you will probably need. Don’t forget the toast to the bride and groom, as we make an awesome bubbly! It really sets a festive mood and gets the party started!

It is a good idea to visit us early on when you are starting to plan your wedding, especially as our wines benefit with age – particularly our reds. Your wine decision is not one you want to leave to the last minute, and advance planning about your wedding wines also gives you some time to think about custom labels. You can visit our website and link into for a look at labels that you can customize with your names and date. We also work with a local printer (KKP) who provides us with a fabulous label stock. KKP has a portfolio of wedding label templates to help you with your special design, and a professional designer at your disposal. You can even write your own story to go on the back of the bottle, so go a little crazy, be creative, and have some fun with it!

Wine as a Wedding Favour – another great idea! You can give your guests a 375 ml bottle of wine bearing your special custom label. It is easier than wrapping wedding cake, and it is definitely not going to be left behind!

Our wine-making process starts with wine juice, not wine grapes, so although the entire wine-making process is completed in just 5-8 weeks, it is a good idea to start early. Our wines are made in batches of 5 gallons, each batch yielding 30 bottles of wine (or 60 little bottles if you are considering wedding favours).
Plan on making your wine bottling day a social event to remember by inviting your wedding party, family, and friends! After all, you will be bottling, corking and labeling lots and lots of wine bottles, so the more hands to help the better, and with complimentary appies for all it will be a fantastic wedding memory to share!